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Precision Machining is a process of turning raw material into function parts by removing material while maintaining extremely specific tolerances. This process is often made more difficult by the size or design of the product. CNC Machines, or computer numerical controls machines, allow this process to happen efficiently while maintaining tolerances. We offer machining for a variety of purposes including steel tube CNC machining. 

沙巴sb客户端 is a CNC precision machining shop that takes pride in our ability to machine a wide variety of metal parts such as forgings , castings and powder metal parts. Our selection of raw materials available for machining includes aluminum, brass, carbon steel, stainless steel, and various plastics.

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Machinable Materials

Our machineale materials include stainless steel, aluminum, carbon & alloy steel, forgings, copper, brass, catings and mowdered material. 沙巴sb客户端's capabilities include high precision machining, metal tube cutting, and end forming, assembly services , and 4-slide metal stamping.

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